Uno Vaulto is India’s first, tamperproof & environment-friendly, container designed especially for the engine oil and lubricants category. This revolutionary new product guarantees the same superior quality of UNOCAL oils in an easy to store and easy to pour manner. Moreover, it comes with a dedicated rack that allows you to stack a wide variety of oils in an organised manner. In the process, it enables you to make the optimal use of the available space. Designed to be a substitute for the usage of harmful plastic in packaging, approximately 89% of ingredients used in production of Uno Vaulto is recyclable in nature. Moreover, the fact that it can dispense just the right amount of oil required, results in savings for the consumer to the extent of 25%. With Uno Vaulto, there’s no need to buy large pack sizes and, in turn, save money. What’s more? You also contribute towards a greener future for our planet.


  • Convenience of dispensing just the desired quantity without being restricted by the available pack sizes
  • Save on space by storing UNO VAULTOs in racks in a vertical format
  • Tamper proof container that prevents any kind of pilferage of oil
  • Environment friendly packaging that reduces the carbon footprint and waste generation manifold